Monday, 28 May 2012

Small Wonders

YES! I am very pleased to say that I'm almost ready for my exhibition. As of tomorrow I will have all prints pressed and waiting to be framed. For those of you I havn't talked at yet, I'm putting on a two day Exhibition with the wonderful Jeweler, Amy McColl. She is allowing me the rare opportunity to dominate all the walls of a gallery but most importantly, making the show complete with her delightful contemporary jewels. We are proud to present a combination of contemporary Craft and Fine Art.

My offering to the Gallery Gods are a series of black and white etchings. I have drawn reference from, amongst other things, textiles, comic books and my own diary excerpts. If you want information about the works please come to the Exhibition to talk to me as Amy and I will be there for the duration.

Although it is on for only 2 days, I am very excited. If you are reading this, I hope to see you there x

Flyer made by Journo and all round wonder-woman Heather Clark.

Bad Form! Ive sent some Images away to an Art Fair already. Saatchi will be furios, I know he wanted first dibs at the PV..

Monday, 14 May 2012

Salisbury Arts Trail

Here are some images of my work for "Five In A Barn" an Exhibition that took place at the end of  2011 as a part of the Salisbury Arts Trail. It was hosted in her lovely barn coversion by Yvonne Steer who included some of her Ceramics, Tamsin Steer, my Dads partner and all round craft queen showed textiles, Will Richardson exibited his figures in stone and I had the pleasure of showing my work alongside my Dad, Henry Gray's sculptures in stone.

I am updating on old things so I can finally start posting as they happen rather than a year later.

'Moon' and 'Rain'
Tree Spirits by Dad
Three of my prints. In front, sculpture by Will Richarson.

Friday, 2 December 2011

To begin again.. Eagle Legs

Lets start this by saying I have been creating and deleting this blog without anyone even knowing of its existance for a while now. This is mostly down to self awareness that stops me doing anything. I plan, from now on, to hurl this out of my brain and vow to henceforth allow a more light hearted attitude.

I am going to start off by looking back over the past 2 years of very DIY flyers/posters I made for my music night, Eagle Legs. This night was mostly in Brighton and half run by my life-guide/wing-buddy/wife-friend, Liv Willars. We would put on our mix CD's, drank, applied home made decor and conducted a 'club night' in the loosest possible sense of the word. We had lots of fun.

There are quite a few more that have been lost in the sands of time, ripped, never photographed or just stuffed somewhere. All of my lettering was always meticulously hand cut. Very labor intensive most of you would think - you'd be right. This is my penalty for not having a good working relationship with computers.